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How do I confirm my appointment?
After you select your session and enter your contact information, you will see the following screen that directs you to make payment.  Once payment has been received, your appointment will be confirmed.

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How does it work?
Virtual tutoring sessions are held via Google Hangout. You will be able to see me, Ms. Harris, and my screen to see me work problems.
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Prior to our first session, ensure you have setup your Google+ account.  Also ensure you select “Trust” when you receive the prompt “Do you want to trust the website “” to use the “GoogleTalk Plugin” plug-in?
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How will Ms. Harris know what I need to cover in our tutoring session?
Absolutely!  After you select your session and date, you will see the following screen.  In the notes section, please share what math concepts you want covered in your session.

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Please also email your current unit calendar, notes, homework assignment, quiz, test or any other material that will ensure we maximize your session.  Simply take a picture with your smart phone of those materials and email them to MsHarris @ MsHarrisMathClass dot com.  

What math concepts and grades do you tutor?
Ms. Harris usually tutors students enrolled in 4th – 8th grades, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry. If you’re enrolled in another course, feel free to email Ms. Harris MsHarris @ Ms HarrisMathClass dot com. 

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