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On what concepts do Algebra teachers expect their entering students to demonstrate mastery? Why is Algebra such a turning point for many students?  Many who stumble through Algebra 1 do so not because they find Algebra concepts difficult, but because they’ve yet to reach mastery in prerequisite concepts.  “Ms. Harris’ Math Class: Quick Lessons for Algebra Readiness” Workbook guides users through 20 foundational concepts necessary for successful matriculation through Algebra and beyond.  With more than 150 problems and exercises, this workbook is perfect for summer preparation usage prior to enrolling in Algebra, as well as a vital reference guide for those already enrolled in Algebra as well as prerequisite and supplementary courses.  Answer key is included. 

Product Details
Publication date: 5 May 2015
Pages: 96 (answer key included)
Product dimensions: 6×9″
Category: Education, Mathematics
ISBN-13: 978-0-9963815-0-5

Bulk Orders
We are pleased to offer discounts on orders of 10 copies or more for schools, nonprofit organizations, community groups and community centers.  For more information, please write to MsHarris @ MsHarrisMathClass dot com.

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